PROYECTO RAMPA. International friendly visitors: curators, artists, classrooms... (photo:IKT visit)

PROYECTO RAMPA. Publications

PROYECTO RAMPA. Presentations of artists and their work (photo: artist Oliver Feigl)

Ficus is a publication arising from Rampa, whose lifespan is still uncertain. It stems from the basic premise of speaking through figures by approaching the sign as a plastic element capable of differenciating but also of misleading.


The first issue, Ficus [0] ‘fig.ures of re.hearsal’, is a bilingual edition (English-Spanish) shaped by a group of actors, some characters and a bit of atrezzo. It has been edited by Belén Zahera and includes contributions by Manuel Ángel & Carolina Rito, Nora Barón, Beatriz Ortega & Alberto Vallejo, Julián Cruz, Silvia Cuenca Sanz, Carlos Fernández-Pello, Marian Garrido, Karlos Gil, María Ángelica Madero, Mira Loew, Mikel Escobales, Moyra Montoya Moyano, Cristina Mejías and Teresa Solar.


If you want to get a copy please contact us at info@proyectorampa.net




THEGYM. "Gymnast" Cristina Mejías during THE GYM

THEGYM. Workshops with critics and artists (photo: the artist Heath Bunting during THEGYM programme)

THEGYM. Talks about different topics: sicence and art, the notion of telepathy, the birth of aesthetics and art history as disciplines that subsume sensations under the primacy of ideas, the notion of non-knowledge as a productive element to create fictions through strategies such as stupidity, Latour’s circulating reference...